LLM Washington DC

You’ll get the job

September 10, 2017
The outside of Union Station in Washington D.C.

I’m at Union Station and incredibly sweaty.

I have made this mistake several times already — I try to take the metro while wearing a suit and end up grossly sweaty by the time I make it near campus.

Every time I promise myself that I will just take an Uber next time I wear a suit. And every time I foolishly try to take the train again — “It’s not that warm,” I tell myself. Wrongly. 

So I’m at a bathroom in Union Station attempting to wipe the sweat from my forehead when a middle-aged man next to me starts talking.

Man: “Don’t worry. You look fly man.”

I’m mortified that a stranger is chatting me up in a public bathroom, but I smile politely and try to avoid eye contact.

Man: “You look sharp. You’ll get the job.”

Me: “Heh. Thanks.”

Man: “Yeah. Whatever you’re interviewing for — you’ll get it. You’re dressed sharp, brother — and I can tell you have a nice demeanor about you. You’ll get the job.”

Me: “Hopefully I won’t be this sweaty during the interview. Have a great day!”

I then dart of the station.

P.S. — I was interviewing for a research assistant position with the head of the school’s state and local taxation program — I got the job, so I guess the man was right.




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