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April 15, 2016
University of Miami Sorority Video

I recently came across this hilarious sorority recruitment video from my alma mater:

The video is pretty epic – and says a lot about the Miami fantasy – yachts, multi-million dollar condos, hanging out with your closest 30 friends on the beach.

Of course all of the girls are also in great shape, and there’s even a black and a Latin girl “for diversity.”

There are a few shots on the actual University of Miami campus, the message is very clear: rich girl’s vacation.

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The interesting thing is that the sorority video is not wholly inaccurate.

My classmates at the University of Miami tended to fall into several broad categories:

  1. Athletes on scholarship
  2. Smart students on scholarship who couldn’t afford more prestigious schools
  3. South Floridians who didn’t want to stray too far from home
  4. Out-of-state (mostly NYC area) rich kids who didn’t have the connections to get into better schools
  5. Fabulously wealthy foreigners (Saudi princes, South American aristocrats, etc.)

Although the Delta Gamma lifestyle is beyond majority of University of Miami students, there is a significant group of UM studentsΒ whose college experience really does look like an Ultra Music Aftermovie.

Some fraternities and sororities charge $1,000/semester for the privilege of participating, so it’s highly likely that someone in that sorority actually does own the million-dollar condo or yacht.

…or at least has a friend with a video drone.


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