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Twin Cities Pride 2015

June 30, 2015
Peaches at Twin Cities Pride

Pride was so much fun this year.

It’s Friday morning and I’m flipping between work emails and Tweetdeck when I see the news – the Supreme Court decided Obergefell v. Hodges!

Suddenly gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states, and employers have to provide equal benefits for all same-sex partners.

The texts, IMs, and Facebook posts flood in, and Twitter explodes.

I have a good cry, get retweeted by RuPaul, and then realize that this Gay Pride Weekend was going to be nuts.

And it was.

What a weekend.

This is going to be my last gay pride parade in Minneapolis for a while, so I made sure that I spent time with friends and attended as many events as I could cram in.

Alyssa Edwards at the Gay 90’s

Alyssa Edwards continues to be one of the most popular drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race, and I’m glad that I finally made it to one of her shows.

I’ve seen a lot of Drag Race winners “phone it in” during appearances in the Midwest, but Alyssa came out in full pageant mode, and it was glorious.

Alyssa Edwards! #dragqueen #rpdr #dragrace A video posted by Dennis (@lowertownjnsn) on

All the yasss. #dragqueen #rpdr

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We also saw Peaches at the Loring Park concert.

Peaches was an insanely popular artist when I was a college freshman in Miami.

I had her album on repeat for a good part of that year along with some other hipster nonsense like Le Tigre, Brasilian Girls, Yelle, and MIA. (Good god, I’m dating myself…)

The Peaches concert was as raunchy and raucous as you’d expect.

I’m just so glad that my cellphone didn’t get doused by champagne.

Crowd surfing!! A video posted by Dennis (@lowertownjnsn) on

So rock and roll.

A video posted by Dennis (@lowertownjnsn) on

Yasss! A video posted by Dennis (@lowertownjnsn) on

I survived pride in reasonably good shape.

There was bingo in the park, long conversations with new and old friends, plenty of dancing, and boys who said, “If only you weren’t moving to Dallas in two weeks…”

Pride made me realize how despite the racist bullshit, the Twin Cities really is gay-friendly place to live.

I also realized that I have made a lot of great friends in Minnesota, and that I just might be considered dateable here.

And yet new adventures await.


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