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Trivia, lean and mean

January 27, 2010

The attendance at Trivia was sparse last night. We still won with our three-person team since Randy happened to know 90% of the answers.

Last night was special because of our new Trivia host: Amy.

Trivia Mafia

This is totally a “Paula was okay but Ellen is so much better” situation.

This is Jake, taking pictures on his phone:

Trivia Mafia

He’s really good about taking pictures… posting them is another matter.

And this is Joel’s standard look. He calls it “pondering” but everyone else calls it “bored and unengaged.”

Trivia Mafia

The real message is: “Bitch, my hat is fly. I cannot be bothered.”

And of course Joel and Amy had to pose with the grand prize: a $20 bar tab that isn’t good for next Trivia night. Covet.

Trivia Mafia


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