2L Fall Law School

Taxation Midterm on Capital Gains, aka what the hell?

October 26, 2009

What in the hell was that? This tax midterm has been a rabid monkey on my back for the past week. I was either studying for it or thinking about how I should be studying for it… and all that energy was a complete, and utter waste.

It’s time to get my 80’s headband out and sing:

That’s right.

The exam had two questions. The first question was a very basic capital gains problem, but the second part of the question was so poorly written ambiguous that the 5 classmates that I spoke to afterward each interpreted the question in a different way.

And the second question was a multi-part beast that several partnership-related facts. We did not cover partnerships in class at all, so I had to do some on-the-spot digging in the tax regulations. This is probably ripe with fail. Womp. Good thing this is only 15% of my grade…

Anyhoot. I am moving on, and going to Dunn Brothers to work on my moot court brief.

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