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My Incredible Summer

August 13, 2013
Miami Lincoln Road

What a summer!

After making it Iowa City and Chicago Gay Pride, I decided to surprise my mother in Miami. I haven’t been back to Miami in two years and she was not expecting me to just arrive at her doorstep at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

Miami is as pretty and crazy as I remember it. Breast implants, crazy cars, body builders and drag queens…
Palace South Beach Drag Show

And palms. Lots of palms.
South Beach Miami

I’ve shifted to a 90-hour work week, so I did bring my work laptop with me to Miami.

Working from my South Beach hotel was amazing and I’ve determined that working vacations need to be a part of my life.
South Beach Miami

Miami was my last trip of the summer.

I was exhausted and my liver hurt, so I spent the rest of the summer enjoying Minneapolis.Β I made a point of going to the lakes and parks about three times a week and it was amazing. Minnesota isn’t half bad during the summer.

Lake of the Isles
Minnehaha Falls

At the beginning of August I began the epic move to Lowertown St. Paul.
New Apartment

I completely forgot how much moving sucks.

It reminded me of that line from White Noise  – “The more things I threw away, the more I found.”  –  I was just horrified by how much crap I own and ended up throwing a ton of it out.

Oh and yes, Ikea furniture is still horrible to put together. I had to have two friends help me with that bar stool. These are my first world problems.

I am so happy that I made the move to downtown St. Paul. This city is cute, historic, and I’m having a lot of fun.

Cathedral of St. Paul

This summer was perfect.

I made some hard choices to make it possible, but the incredible opportunities I had to travel and network make me sure that I made the right decision.

Chicago Gay Pride
Large drinks at Brass Rail
Townhouse Bar Drag Belize

I’m excited for fall and my new adventures in St. Paul.

Oh, and sleeping. I miss that.


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