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Small victories & the Hunchback

December 5, 2009

I spent most of the day with the tax outline.

Finals preparation comes with a sense of accomplishment that is absent from everyday class reading. I love the periodic realization that a topic confusing in class suddenly makes sense! It’s like:

My tax preparation is an advent calendar of these small victories.1

I spent the majority of the semester lost and overwhelmed with information and expected not to remember anything from the beginning of the semester. But it turns out that the topics built on each other, so the early material was ingrained in me throughout the semester. Glensaw Glass, Old Colony Trust, Hickman, … I get it, I think. Maybe. We’ll see…

I also spent some time at work today. During a break, I had a phone conversation with the boyfriend. I think he understands that the next 17 days determine my grades for the semester and that I’ll shower when it’s over.2

But until then, I am in that unapologetic, self-involved, hermit mode called “law student during finals.”

The boyfriend claims to understand and says he’s supportive, but I suspect he’s thinking:  “Crap. I’m dating a hunchback.”

That’s actually a reference to Transylmania, a slapstick horror comedy we saw last night. The movie has a huge cast of characters, including a hot Romanian girl who seduces a guy online, but neglects to tell him about her hideous, veiny, hunchback.

law school dating

That sums up the situation.

The neglect has an end date (Dec. 22nd!) and I’m sure everything’s gonna be alright.

1One of the most confusing equations all year was: AR – b = g(l)

I’ve always understood what it means: amount realized minus basis = gains or losses. But when I look at the equation I see: amount realized minus basis = gains x losses… and that makes no sense…

2 Kidding. I shower…unlike some people.

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