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Moving Day 1

April 7, 2016
bag picture by Erol Ahmed

The barista at the nearby Starbucks is super chatty.

She’s this nice slightly older woman, and she is usually in the middle of an oddball conversation when I walk into the store.

We had a bit of an awkward conversation the other day –

Barista: “So is that your partner outside?”
Me: “Yep!”
Barista: “Do you live together?”
Me: “Not yet, but he’s moving in next week.”
Barista: “You guys sure move fast. Is it because you can get gay married now?”
Me: “I think it has more to do with leases being up.”

I survived the first day of moving.

There were minor hiccups of course – a missing bedroomΒ door, flimsy boxes, the realization that the paper towels were in the wrong apartment, etc.

Nothing major or disastrous.

Tomorrow the movers will bring Michael’s furniture from Lewisville, and I also have to power-clean my old unit. Cleaning the old apartment is always the worst part about moving. I wonder how the people on hoarders manage…

hoarders gif

We may also have a little DYI balcony project in the works that involves gold spray paint.

More to come.


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