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The Move

April 6, 2016
Moving from iLume Park in Dallas

I am transferring to a bigger apartment tomorrow and the packing process is well underway.

The worst part about moving is that you are confronted with all of your choices – the dirt, the dog hair, the bad purchasing decisions.

Moving this time around is still a hassle, but not so terrible as moving from Minnesota to Texas. This is mostly because I already ditched most of my belongings, so there isn’t a ton of extra crap to throw out.

Plus, this time I’m moving 90 feet instead of 900 miles.

Some anxiety still remains regarding peak-a-boo fees and otherΒ mishaps.

Specifically, my building’s main entrance is closed this week because they are finally repairing the faΓ§ade that fell off. This makes it extremely difficult for moving trucks to access the freight elevator.

Perhaps this will still be the easiest move ever?


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