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Mornin’: Grisham, Cheerleaders, & Caylee Dolls

January 28, 2009

A various collection of thoughts
As I mentioned in my last post, two of my professors pick around two students for a class period and call on them the entire time. I thought this would be great at first, but it turns out not to be.(Via Non Minority Student)
John Grisham: The Associate
An ATL Exclusive Interview With John Grisham About His Latest Book

John Grisham sat down with us this morning for an exclusive blog interview to discuss his new book, The Associate. The book’s main character, Kyle McAvoy, is a Biglaw associate with a mysterious past and intriguing future.

In his previous books, Grisham has explored emotional and ethical costs of practicing the law in various forms. But his latest book takes dead aim at the life, and lifestyle, of junior associates at top Manhattan law firms. (Via Above the Law)
Outrage halts launch of ‘Caylee Sunshine’ doll
A Florida company is suspending launch of its “Caylee Sunshine” doll following a public outcry that included members of slain toddler Caylee Anthony’s family. (Via CNN)

Ex-cheerleader loses suit against student, school district after fall
A former high school cheerleader who sued over injuries caused when a teammate failed to catch her during a routine, lost her appeal before the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The seven state justices unanimously concluded cheerleading is a “contact” sport, and therefore neither the male student cited nor the school district was liable for damages. (Via CNN)
A relentless Updike mapped America’s mysteries
Endowed with an art student’s pictorial imagination, a journalist’s sociological eye and a poet’s gift for metaphor, John Updike β€” who died on Tuesday at 76 β€” was arguably this country’s one true all-around man of letters. He moved fluently from fiction to criticism, from light verse to short stories to the long-distance form of the novel: a literary decathlete in our age of electronic distraction and willful specialization, Victorian in his industriousness and almost blogger-like in his determination to turn every scrap of knowledge and experience into words.(Via International Herald Tribune)
Germany’s Muted Critique of China
For almost a decade, Germany has been engaged in an official dialogue with China about human rights and constitutional law. Little, though, has been accomplished — except for giving German leaders an excuse not to be more openly critical. (Via Spiegel Online)


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