Lessons in Class: Boxed wine & Pitbull beer

March 15, 2009

Jamie’s grandmother turned 77 years old yesterday. There are very few things that one can buy a 77-year-old, so Jamie opted for boxed wine!


Actually, boxed wine is very practical – bottled wine only lasts 3-4 days after its opened, whereas boxed wine can last up to a month.

Since we were at the liquor store, we decided to take the drunkard’s advice and buy some Trashlite (aka Pitbull Beer).

And the bum was right! Pitbull beer is the business.1 It has that strong bitter taste that reminds me of grandma’s Altbier.2

I suppose a drunkard is an alcohol expert, in a way. Hm. One gets good advice from the strangest places…

1 It tastes good, but I wouldn’t say it “rocked my world” (as the Toothless bum put it…)
2 I love it, but Jamie thinks its disgusting. But I also eat 100% Cacao

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