The Keurig

August 17, 2016
Coffee picture by Mikesh Kaos via Unsplash

I finally bought a Keurig.

My resistance had many reasons like faux-environmental righteousness and germ fears, but my real concern was cost. Why pay $80 for a coffee-maker that requires me to buy expensive pods?

The answer is: convenience. Well, and because the alternatives were equally expensive.

My Starbucks bill was getting out of hand. I had a habit of stopping by on the morning dog walks. A medium Starbucks coffee is $2.55, which adds up. Don’t get me started on the food.

I was also buying coffee at work. The newsroom coffee is typically of questionable freshness. The additional threat of non-dairy creamer drove me to buy coffee from our cafeteria for $2.05 every day.

Keurigs were on sale at Target this week, so I held my nose and made the purchase. The Keurig that I bought was discounted $20 and came with a $15 gift card, so the purchase didn’t feel too horrible.

I then discovered that we have a Keurig in the office, which is why I am highly caffeinated now. I have gum and mouthwash at my cubicle, so the only awkwardness is during over-long conference calls.

Whether this actually ends up saving me money is TBD.


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