Law School – 1L

How I made it to contracts…

October 7, 2008

Today is indie bookstore appreciation day… I think.

It’s raining. I’m at the Purple Onion Café. My umbrella is at school. Contracts starts in 30 minutes.

I review my options:

  1. Walk to school, get soaked, and hope I don’t get Pneumonia.
  2. Spend $10 to cab a quarter mile to school.
  3. Stay at the Café, skip class, and just do work all day.

An entire day off to do homework was exciting…hm.  Skipping class to study? I think I just earned my nerd card…

Alternatives? Well, the school bookstore is far enough from the Café to get Pneumonia (and soaked enough to make an umbrella useless)…hm. I don’t have cash for a cab…they probably take credit card…

Then, ding-ding-ding, I remember that my neighborhood is dotted with overpriced indie school-apparel stores! YAY!

I then shuffle to the closest one, thinking, “Please be open…please be open…” – thankfully it’s open! I barge in, spot a tiny novelty umbrella, and snatch like it’s a Tickle-Me-Elmo during Christmas-time

The store owner comes from the back.
Me: “Is this the biggest umbrella you have?”
Owner: “That’s the only umbrella I have. You’re a lucky customer… I only have two in the whole store.”
Me: “Then it’ll have to do! Great!”
Owner: Fourteen dollars please.

Later, I cut through a building on the way to the law school and realized that the front pocket of my backpack was open.

You know…the pocket with my cellphone and camera… which, thanks to my new micro-sized umbrella, weren’t that soaked. Had I braved-it and walked through the rain…lol. Well.

But I made it to school, semi dry… and now I’m in contracts wondering why I didn’t just stay at the café…


So it turns out that my umbrella was IN MY BACKPACK THE ENTIRE TIME…but that the books had crushed it so it was broken…so yeah. I had to buy a new umbrella anyway.


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