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April 13, 2016
Living Room Wall Art

I am finally done moving!

Moving is always more time consuming and painful than I expect. Between scrubbing grout and an embarrassing number of Home Depot trips, I am exhausted.

And yet I survived, somehow.

grout scrubbing

Scrubbing the grout at my old apartment while moving out.

I was highly paranoid about getting charged move-out costs since my last building nailed me with a $1,000 bill. This time everything would be scrubbed, bleached, steamed, polished, and photographed.

So I spent the entire weekend cleaning, including shampooing the bedroom carpet. (I rented a Rug Doctor from the Kroger across the street. Super cheap, and easy to do. I highly recommend it.)

On Monday, I marched downstairs to schedule my move-out walk-through with the building manager. He was in the middle of dealing with the police and had to reschedule for that afternoon. Apparently two apartments were broken into over the weekend.

The walk-through eventually happened, and it was way shorter than I expected.

Perhaps I didn’t need to bleach the grout?

The building manager said that I wouldn’t get any charges, and that he wasn’t worried anyway because people who insist on their move-out walk-throughs typically are the same people who clean their apartments.

Great success.

Small iLume Park apartment

My old apartment at iLume Park – empty, but oh so clean.

I then turned my attention to decorating the new apartment

Combining furniture from three different apartments could have been disastrous. Fortunately, we all have similar tastes so all the furniture works together.

After moving the furniture in, we made the pilgrimage to Ikea, which is in a far-flung suburb (Frisco).

That is when we came across this beast of a pendant light:

Ikea pendant lamps

The closed PS 2014 pendant lamps at Ikea.

The Ikea PS 2014 pendant light.

Checking out the gaudy pendant lights at Ikea.

It isΒ called the “PS 2014.”

This pendant light is loud, gaudy, and vaguely resembles the Death Star.

So I totally bought it.

The Ikea PS 2014 pendant light.

The Ikea PS 2014 pendant light.

Michael and Ryan were nice enough to not only install the light, but also swapped the Death Star light and the ceiling fan when I didn’t like the original location.

Installing ceiling fans is also way easier than I thought.

The next problem was wall art.

Our new apartment is big, so there was a lot blank space to cover. I reread Emily Henderson’s nifty wall art hanging guideΒ to tackle this project, andΒ I think things turned out alright:

Living Room Wall Art

The picture wall in our new living room with Ingrid the labradoodle in the corner.

Picture frame gallery wall

Watching Scandal after moving into the new apartment.

There are countless other miscellaneous moving and decorating details that I won’t bore you with.

I’ll just leave you with a picture of Gunter enjoying the new balcony.

Gunter on the balcony

Gunter the chihuahua on the balcony.

It feels good to be home!


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