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Must. Not. Spend…

July 15, 2008

I’ve diligently saved all summer because I’m about to be an impoverished law student.

Even the bank has noticed – my bank has increased my credit limit twice this summer. It’s as if the bank is saying “What’s wrong Jansen? Cmon honey, spend like in the good old days…you know you love our interest fees suga-pie-honey-bun…

Financial aid awards for my Law School are determined this month. Given the nature of summer mail at U Miami that means I should know if I need to scramble for funding about…oh let’s say three days before I move up to Minneapolis.


I’m working out extra hard just in case I need to compromise my virtue in order to pay for school. (I’m kidding about half of that statement).

So, given my uncertain financial future, why am I even considering dropping serious $$$ on a new camera? WHY?

I don’t even know what I could possibly photograph to justify a $700 camera. Orpah? Angelina’s twins? Miley Cyrus?

I have been called the thrifty (aka The Cheapo) member of the clique… oh how I have them all fooled.

Must. Not. Spend…

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    Silly Little Law Student
    July 16, 2008 at 1:18 am

    You won’t actually be scrambling, although it will feel like it. The summer before my 1L year was the first time I actually had to fill out a FAFSA to get loans in addition to GradPLUS loans. It felt completely last minute because I didn’t know if I’d be approved for GradPLUS loans to cover the remainder of my tuition until literally 2 weeks before classes started. But everyone gets all the money they need. If you trust in one thing, it’s that law schools suck you in and steal your money… so they’ll ensure that you’re financially able to make it.

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    July 16, 2008 at 2:31 am

    Haha, well that’s reassuring. I hope I know more than 2 weeks before but it doesn’t seem like it :(I

    Because, well, IF for whatever reason, FAFSA doesn’t pull through…whew…that would be a scramble.

    This is just weird because for undergrad I got my financial aid package with my acceptance letter, so I knew what my financial status would be for each school… hmmf!

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