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July 12, 2016
BOA Tower Dallas

I did not make any plans for my 30th birthday (to the exasperation of my friends.)

My neighbors tried to make plans when we met at the dog park.

Jack: “Youโ€™re not celebrating?!”
Jill: “You have to do something for your 30th!”
Me: “I am not a big holiday person, and a big party feels gauche in light of the Dallas shootings.”
Jack: “I get that, but you should do something.”
Me: “Like what? Pool time? Bars and drag shows? Brunch? That’s every weekend.”
Jill: “Yeah, living in Oak Lawn is kind of a permanent vacation.”

We did get out of the house this weekend, spent some serious time at the pool, and even had a few long walks downtown.

Downtown Dallas

New and old buildings at the edge of downtown Dallas (near the farmers’ market.)

Flower Reign Oak Lawn

A mannequin with a fabulous hat at Flower Reign in Oak Lawn, Dallas.