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Law School Law School – 1L unsolicited advice

A happy hour pause for the 1Ls

October 12, 2010
Dinner for two

I have leftover pizza, an exceptional Absolut cocktail, and episode 2 of the A-List: New York waiting for me, but I am taking a happy hour pause to speak to the 1Ls because I love you like Joan Rivers loves botox. Y’all still around?

A few friendly reminders:

  1. Breathe.
  2. Start organizing your notes this weekend (outlining) so you don’t have a β€œoh shit” moment at Thanksgiving when you realize that finals are around the corner. Use the syllabus as a skeletal outline and see if you need to review anything from the beginning of the semester. This is also a good time to hit up classmates for missing notes.
  3. Consider book briefing.
  4. Stop procrastinating your legal writing work. That will bite you in the ass. I promise.
  5. You didn’t become superhuman upon surviving two months of law school. You still need to sleep and eat, and on a related note…
  6. Remember to embrace the burnout.

For example, today I ran around for about 12 hours: studying, fumbling around the tax clinic, dealing with the meltdown of my craptastic school laptop, and attending class (without a laptop ah!)
I have an essay, a research paper, and a presentation to finish. But I am not doing any more work today. I am going to partake in this pizza,Β  my cocktail, and watch my trashy reality show before I go to bed.