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Best Year Ever: Outline of 1L Spring Semester

May 20, 2009

I think this is what they call closure.

So much happened spring semester. I started the semester in this weird place between college and “adulthood” – buses, cafes, living in a frat house in the UMN student village –shuffling to school through snow and ice

And then things changed, very quickly.

I moved into my first apartment, got my first car loan, a dog, my first legal-field job…and, and, and…

Where I am right now is closer to how imagined law school during my senior year of college actually.

My career counselor at the law school asked me if I thought the blog will ruin my chances of getting hired at a prestigious law firm. I’m really not worried about it. If ATL can recognize that most of my posts are mundane, then so will most employers.

They’ll probably appreciate the full disclosure and trust I won’t share the dog stories with the clients, or the client’s stories with my readers.

This summer I’m working, petitioning, taking classes, and training the MTC marathon. We’ll see how this goes…

And as promised, an outline of my 1L spring semester is after the jump.

I’ll parrot what I wrote for the fall outline:
This will hopefully provide an overview of the year and make my archives more accessible. The bullet points are linked to posts. This outline is not exhaustive, but hits the highlights of the year.

Winter: Miami, Bemidji, and back to Minneapolis.

And yes, the rumors about the cold came true.

We had one day where it was -31, then -40…but everything after that was warm!

Week 1: the first week of classes

Week 2: fees and & skates

Weeks 3 & 4 the awkward continues

Week 5: disease, fees, and fart machines.

Week 6: One big, snowy hot mess.

Weeks #7 & 8: Order in the Court!

Week #9: Oooh, that’s what they meant by IRAC!

Weeks 10 & 11: Big Fun!

Week 12: the gates open.

Week 13: Changes and Drama


Week 14 & 15: Surprises: Busy week! I got a new apartment, new dog, and got shot. There were also riots and a school shooting threat… what is going on with Minnesota?

Week 16: Yellow Love & The Creep



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    May 21, 2009 at 7:30 am

    Oh man… I just saw that I got promoted to “lawyer” on your blog roll and about died inside.

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