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Apparently flipflops are offensive.

October 2, 2008

On Monday all 1Ls had a “professionalism and the internet” lecture. The ‘interactive’ part of the session was a live-blog were we could post and comment on anonymous questions for the panel.

Giving 250 first year law students access to an anonymous liveblog? We saw this one coming…

And I’m amused that the logs for this are still up.

The highlight was the flip-flop thread:
Anonymous: Please no flip-flops, noisy, inconsiderate.
Anonymous: Don’t dress like a slob, no one wants to see your feet.
Anonymous: Are people seriously offended by flip-flops? I agree they’re noisy, but I think they’re generally acceptable college fashion.
Anonymous: This isn’t college. This is law school. You’re an adult. Dress like one.
Anonymous: Love me some flip-flops! Save real shoes for winter!
Anonymous: Oh don’t be ridiculous. People can wear whatever they want to class. This isn’t a firm either.
Anonymous: oh, so we should wear Crocs instead?
Anonymous: Wearing flip-flops is saying “screw you” to those around you. People notice.
Anonymous: please no crocs
Anonymous: exactly. people can wear whatever they like. get over it.
Anon: Sandals ’til it snows.
Anonymous: This isn’t college? I guess you’re right, it seems more like Mondale High!
Anonymous: Ooh, good one, a law-school-is-like-high-school joke. Fresh.
Anonymous: How do flip-flops say “screw you”?
Anonymous: Loud, ugly, disruptive, especially flip-flopping in the library. If you don’t know, you don’t belong in public.
Sarah Peterson: My sincere apology to anyone offended by my flip-flop wearing.
Anonymous: Cell phones are a bigger problem in the library than flip flops
Anonymous: High heels are often much louder than flip flops. Acceptable?
Anonymous: Never heard a cell in the library.
Anonymous: if you have problems with flip flops, wear some earplugs. I think your shirt is ugly. stop wearing it please.
Anonymous: sorry. i don’t have enough money to buy real shoes. flip flops are $2.
Anonymous: people who think flip flops are annoying obviously are not from around here… you only get a chance to wear them for like 3 months
Anonymous: Lucky you, you get to annoy everyone around you for only 3 months.
Anonymous: Dude I wear heals 12 months a year so I get to annoy everyone ALL YEAR LONG. If you hear some click-click-click-clicking, that’s me.
Anonymous: Prada?
Anonymous: On a law student’s budget? Please.
Anonymous: I’ve seen Burberry.
Anonymous: sue me.
Anonymous: no cause of action.
Anonymous: it’s offensive behavior
There was also someone gravely offended by baseball caps.

** And in the interest of full disclosure, I have twittered about how loud and obnoxious some people’s flipflops are. But I am not personally offended when people wear them around the school.

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    October 2, 2008 at 4:16 pm

    I am not at all offended by flip flops. We have 3 years to dress as comfortable as possible, we aren’t Carlson. But the noise in the library makes me want to basically break people’s necks. However, that is soon to be resolved since this area will be a frozen wasteland in about a week.

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